concerned about expired registration key


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I've been using postbooks (open source version of xtuple) for over a year for my personal accounts. It's just me, so just one user. I never needed a key for that reason. However, today when I tried to log in I got a very scary message that my license expired more than 30 days ago and that the software will no longer function without one. I last logged in in January, so two months ago. I never had to get any licence or warnings this could happen.

I'm actually quite concerned I may have lost all my accounts! I've tried with two addresses but I never get the email to verify address. I've emailed support but just realised xtuple website says that they won't offer support on the free edition.

I feel like I'm going in circles and I don't know what any of this means!

Can someone please help me to clarify if/why I need a key for the open-source version, and if applicable, how to get one? I can't afford to lose all my data


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You can just fill out the

You can just fill out the form here:

And the xTuple keymaster will send you a key in a day or two.  The open source version requires you to renew the key every year as part of their license.