a wider xTuple business directory?


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The xTuple Partner programming is doing a good job of promoting businesses who can do installation, customization and reporting

It would also be interesting to have referrals to professionals who do book-keeping, tax return preparation and other services and have prior experience with xTuple.  These people may not qualify to be partners but their services are still really useful.

Larger customers are able to employ people who have prior book-keeping experience and give them xTuple training on-the-job.  For smaller businesses who don't have permanent accounts staff, it is a lot more desirable to find the people who are going to hit the ground running.

Would xTuple consider maintaining such a directory on the web site perhaps?

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Hi Daniel,

We've been discussing this internally, and there's definitely some strong interest in doing something like that.  However, there are enhancements coming to CRM and web forms later this year that would make it a lot easier/better to implement (this way, the data would be maintained in our production instance of xTuple, and mirrored to the website).

So, stay tuned!  And if anyone else has any thoughts, please feel free to chime in.



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Accounting with xtuple

In the mean time, I do accounting/bookeeping work with xtuple. I am a Canadian CPA, and have been working with xtuple for quite a while now. So, it depends on what you need exactly, since the corporation taxes are different, but I could probably help out.